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CSE-IT Department, Nagpur

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We Create Knowledge

          Acquisition of a degree from university is not the end and learning is a continuous process. This is more relevant in today's era where, thanks to rapid growth in computing technologies,life of tools and techniques have drastically shorten. Most departments in various capacity produce walking manuals of language and application software. I believe that student with strong theoretical foundation can adept easily to changes in technology and tools used. In a way we are framing future in present.

Department in Nutshell

          Every year, the academic session at CSE-IT department commences in the month of June and then November for odd and even semesters respectively. Department is well equipped with essential infrastructure in terms of Computer Labs and other instruments. Teaching-learning process is facilitated with the aid of LCD projector and computer. Effective power point presentations and/or PDF documents are used to deliver lecture and students can easily access the respective resource at department website.

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